Hi! I’m Danielle, I have been part of the Kiwi Caravans team since day one, doing the background stuff. I freelance contract with Kiwi Caravans and am responsible for all listings, social media posts and website posts (yes, even this one!), spelling mistakes and more.

In 2021 I graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Psychology (yes, I finished my degree during a global pandemic, do not recommend), and have been working full time in marketing since 2022 (along with having multiple freelance clients since 2019) and completed a graduate certificate in Marketing at the start of 2024.

Throughout my working/University life I have been able to work with multiple different companies in multiple different fields which gave me a unique perspective and skill set to be able to sink my teeth into any goal I set my mind to or my contracts threw in front of me. I have done everything from retail with a fabulous NZ owned clothing company, account management for a mechanic, paintball marshal, customer liaison for a panel beater, marketing superstar, coach assistant for an exercise program for people with Parkinson’s disease and so much more.

I found that small, tight knit companies are the most rewarding to work for and have been so thankful for the opportunity to work with and help grow a small, Kiwi family, owned and operated company like Kiwi Caravan.