Graeme is the mastermind behind all things Kiwi Caravans!

Growing up in Scotland, he and his family would always go away camping in their caravans and that is something that he continued with his family after he moved to NZ as a teenager. Today, he still regularly goes away in his touring caravan or camps remotely in his 4×4. He has also passed on his love of camping, adventure and 4×4’s to his daughters who both regularly go away on their own adventures.

Graeme has been in sales for nearly 30 years so when the opportunity was presented to combine two things he loves – holidays and adventures and, passing on the love for adventure – he took the idea and ran with it and Kiwi Caravans was created!
Graeme has been a business owner for nearly 15 years and has the ability to turn his hand to anything and make something great out of it.

Today under his leadership, Kiwi Caravans has grown to have two full-time employees, one freelancer and, keeps multiple trusted contractors busy.

Kiwi Caravans is proudly a kiwi family-owned and operated business that prides itself on personalising the sale process to every family’s personal needs. We also make sure to take the time and care to help people after.